Hex control is a simple area control game in which players play the role of large corporations competing for control of Hex City through buying up districts and manipulating the city council through lobbying for new edicts to come into effect. 

Take Control of Hex City!

At it's core Hex Control is a simple but highly customisable area control game. There are three victory conditions to choose from when setting up the game: Influencer: a race to obtain 500 influence, Domination: control 30 of the 36 districts in Hex City, or Mogul: Be the first to amass a wealth of $10000.

No two games are alike!

The board layout is randomised at the start of every game. The game is also customisable in the setup menu so that you can decide what sort of game you want to play. Think landmarks are stupid? Fine, just get rid of them! Too many power plants? That's easy to sort out for your next game.

The options available to lobby the city council with are randomised at the start of every game. Each represents either an instantaeneous impact on your opponents finances or a subtle but powerful change to the rules. Or with the Move Goalposts edict you can change the victory condition entirely. But be careful! The change won't necessarilly be in your favour.

Single player and local multiplayer!

Players can compete against four levels of AI or against each other as a hot-seat multiplayer with up to four players.

This is my first game and in many ways remains somewhat incomplete so comments and feedback of any sort is very welcome! 

How to play:

Hex Control is a simple game that involves mostly buying and selling hexagonal districts on a map. To start a game either click "New Game" which will take you to the game setup menu or click on "Quick game" which will set up a quick game to play with two easy AI opponents.

In the game setup menu, you can alter the freqency of the various district types in the left hand panel. You can then enter any player names in the central player setup panel as well as choose the number and difficulty of AI opponents. In the right hand panel you can choose one of three victory conditions as well as whether or not to have helpful text appear to explain the actions you can take. In future games you may want to disable this text if it gets annoying but to start with it should be helpful.

Once you're ready just click on start game and you're all set. Once the game begins, you will see the game board in the centre of the screen. On the top you have the games two resources: influence with the city council on the left, and cash on the right. Cash is used to buy districts and influence is used to use the lobbying options to convince the city council to enact edicts, taxing all players or changing the rules of the game.

To select a district, left click on it. The selected cell will be highlighted in yellow and you should see information about the district appear on the left. This panel shows its current value, its owner and the base effect it produces. On the action panel to the right you can buy the selected district, or you can sell it at half it's value if it belongs to you.  To deselect a district, right click anywhere.

The Lobby button brings up the lobbying menu which will contain 4 randomly selected special edicts that you can employ as well as the repeal edict that will cancel another lobbying effect already in play. When a lobbying action is active, the button will turn red. If you do not like the effects of that action then you can spend 100 influence to repeal the edict by clicking on repeal and then on the edict you wish to cancel. All lobbying actions cost 100 influence except Move Goalposts which costs 200 influence. To close the Lobby menu hit the X at the top left. To end your turn, simply click on "End Turn".

The five district types on the map are:

  • Residential - Produces a small amount of cash and influence
  • Industrial - Produces a larger amount of cash but drains influence
  • Civic - Requires cash for upkeep but produces influence
  • Power plant - Each power plant multiplies the output of industrial districts by 25%
  • Landmark - Very expensive district but produces a large amount of influence

The game ends at the end of the turn when the victory condition is met. Good luck!

Please note that this game should be considered in an early access/development phase and further balancing of the rules and tweaking of the AI is expected in the future.


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